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Return Policy

Our company follows the following return policy:

You have the right to return your order in whole or in part within a time-limit of 5 calendar days from the date you received it, after contacting the company by phone or email. In this case you shall undertake the shipping costs. In case the reason for returning a product is due to a company’s error, we undertake to cover the shipping costs.

You should return the product in the perfect condition in which you received it. In addition, together with the submission of the withdrawal statement, you shall include the payment receipt. Return shall be accepted solely upon approval on behalf of the company.

*Caution If you do not follow even one of the above instructions the return will not be accepted by us.

The refund will be credited according to the original payment method used upon placing the order.

1. If the payment method is bank deposit, then the refund will be credited directly to the bank account indicated by you within 8 calendar days, after contacting us by phone or email.

2. If the payment method is PayPal, then the refund will be credited to your Paypal account within 8 calendar days.

In any case of product return you should first contact us.