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Eirini Svarnia

I was born and raised in Larissa, Greece. I studied advertising , public relations and graphic art in Athens.

Finishing my studies I returned to my city to work, but… won my greatest love, jewelry

And the journey began...

22/10/1984 Lagini was born. A different space with unique handmade jewels, who first dared to cooperate with new and innovative jewelry designers and won the love of Larissa.

2005 ...The journey continues, looking always for something new. I start to design and create my own jewelry collections, simple, different, happy and symbolic. I know that each one of us is unique and we deserve our own particular extraordinary handmade jewels.

2015 …the world changed, is too long but also very "small"... The Internet has annihilated distances and borders and came the moment for the next step.

I hope to meet out there and be loved... and my jewelry...


Thank you all
Eirini Svarnia